Our staff

        Our Staff

Head Teacher, Shared Castlehill, Carradale, Drumlemble – Mr. Richard Long


The best part about being a Head Teacher is walking into the classroom and seeing the children all engaged in their learning. I am very fortunate to have a very dedicated and talented staff at Drumlemble Primary School, who ensure that learning is always fun for the children.

Depute Head Teacher, Shared Castlehill, Carradale, Drumlemble – Mrs. Lynn McMillan (Currently On Maternity Leave)

Depute Head (Maternity Cover) Principal Teacher (P5 – 7 Class Teacher) – Mrs Gillian McAllister

P1 -4 Class Teacher – Miss Alix Brown

Literacy, Numeracy and McCrone cover – Mrs. Jo-Anne Martin  

Primary Classroom Assistant – Andrew Black

ELC & Primary Classroom Assistant – Mrs. Emily Walker

Childcare and Education Worker – Mrs Joanne Jarvie

Childcare and Education Worker – Ms Natalie Smith

Modern Apprentice – Racheal McCallum 

Clerical Assistant  / Classroom Assistant – Mrs Tracy McArthur

Catering Manager – Kerry Hopes

Janitor/Cleaner – Andrew Black