Welcome to Drumlemble Primary School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Drumlemble Primary School’s website, which I believe represents something unique.  I hope it will capture your imagination and leave you feeling that you have caught a glimpse of a school that can offer your child an outstanding education.

We have high expectations of all our children and endeavour to enable them each to achieve their potential.  We aim to provide all of the children with the skills to become self-confident and independent, as well as motivated learners.  We believe that children should have fun whilst at school and that mistakes are simply learning opportunities.endeavour

At Drumlemble Primary School we believe that children thrive in an environment in which they are happy, challenged and secure.  Secure in the knowledge that they are safe and cared for.  Challenged to achieve their best, utilising the latest technology as part of their learning and happy knowing that they are each appreciated for their individuality and achievements.

We follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, which is broad and balanced, covering all academic areas, as well as placing emphasis on the development of social and emotional skills.  These provide a secure foundation for the academic, creative and physical development of the children in our school.

We are incredibly proud of our school and the children who attend it.  We are located in a rural setting and ensure that we utalise the natural resources that we have around us, in the children’s learning.  We also ensure that we keep the children up to date with new technology.

Finding the correct school for your child is often a challenging experience filled with uncertainty.  I encourage you to come and visit our school.  I will be extremely pleased to welcome you and look forward to sharing our educational philosophies with you.  I know that you will sense the unique atmosphere here and will want your child to become part of it.


Headteacher: Mr Richard Long

Address: Drumlemble Primary School,
PA28 6PN

Telephone:- 01586 810 240

Email: enquiries-drumlemble@argyll-bute.gov.uk