Administration of medicines

Many pupils will, at some time in their school careers, need to take medication.  For the vast majority this will be a short-term requirement, with pupils simply finishing a course of medication which has been prescribed for them by their family doctor.  Wherever possible, parents/carers are requested to ask for GP prescriptions which can be administered outwith the school day, i.e. in the morning and evening.

However, pupils may have medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes which may require long-term support and, if their conditions are not properly managed by taking regular medication in school, their access to education could be limited.  In addition, some children have  conditions which may require occasional staff intervention, e.g. severe allergic conditions such as anaphylaxis.  Pupils with such conditions are regarded as having health care needs but, notwithstanding these, the vast majority of children with such needs are able to attend school regularly and, with some support from the school staff, are able to take part in most normal school activities.



In any of these circumstances parents/carers (or young people themselves if they are over the age of 16) should discuss the matter with school staff and agree the arrangements which will be made to provide support for the pupil.  A written request form must be completed in advance when any medication is to be administered or taken in school.