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Drumlemble School Improvement Plan Overview – 2023/24

Priorities Proposed Outcome and Impact Measures Linked to PEF (Y/N)
1 Literacy and Numeracy

LITERACY – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Develop pupils’ ability to apply spelling, punctuation and grammar rules in their independent writing.







NUMERACY – Mental Maths Agility

Develop pupils’ recall of number facts and the application of them in solving challenging questions.













Develop children’s numeracy skills in the ELC.








Establish the consistent use of the RSHP programme in the school in consultation with parents.






3 Health and Wellbeing - Nurture and Rights Respecting Schools

Embed nurturing and rights respecting schools approaches in the school.



All pupils will be able to-

·         Apply spelling rules in their independent writing.

·         Use taught punctuation accurately in their independent writing.

·         Demonstrate understanding of grammar.



Pupils will be more accurate in the technical aspects of writing.



Pupils will have a good recall of number facts which can be applied in a range of contexts.



Pupils will have instant recall of basic number bonds and facts.

Pupils can demonstrate ways of applying these to more challenging questions.








Staff will have increased confidence in promoting numeracy skills in the ELC.



Pupils in the ELC will demonstrate progress in numeracy skills as a foundation before beginning Primary 1.




Staff will feel confident in delivering the RSHP Programme in school.

Parent/Carers will be aware of the content of the RSHP Programme


Children will have high-quality, progressive teaching and learning in Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood.


All pupils will demonstrate a thorough understanding of their rights and the rights of others and how these have been exercised across the school year to bring about change in the classroom/school.

Staff will embed nurturing approaches in all aspects of their practice as a result of ongoing self-evaluation and professional development around the Nurture Principles.



Through a deeper understanding of their rights, all pupils will feel respected and listened to, and will be able to identify how they have had a real voice in shaping their school community.

Peer relationships, particularly across identified groups, will be seen to be respectful and inclusive, with minimal intervention required from adults.



Most pupils will make at least a year’s progress in spelling as measured by newly devised spelling test.


Most pupils will be able to use taught punctuation accurately in their independent writing.


Most pupils achieve expected or better than expected levels in writing as measured by Oxford Writing Assessment.





Pupils show progress in recall of number bonds and facts in termly mental maths assessments.


Pupils are observed using Leuven Scale to demonstrate greater confidence in responses to a variety of mental agility questions.


Pupils will make progress in their level of accuracy in Sumdog diagnostic assessments.


Pupils are observed to use mental maths skills across the curriculum.





Most Preschool pupils will have a firm foundation for understanding number as measured by SEAL Red Level Diagnostic Test.


All pupils engage in play-based sessions relating to numeracy, measured by Leuven Scale Observations.




The children will show understanding of Relationships, sexual Health and Parenthood as they progress through the framework.

Parents will be able to express understanding of programme through opportunities for feedback in consultation process.





Evidence collected from children across the school, discussing their UNCRC rights and how they can exercise these in school.

Evidence showing how pupil voices have led to change in their classroom/school across the year – linked to rights/nurture principles.

Pupil surveys for upper school during the year showing their understanding of their rights

Staff survey on how Nurture Principles are applied in their work.

Pupil surveys show understanding and application of Nurture Principles in relationships with staff and peers.

Incidents regarding peer relations requiring adult intervention are rare.



Y – links to support and progress for individuals in Literacy and Numeracy.










Y – links to support and progress for individuals in Literacy and Numeracy.





























Y – concerned with nurture and rights of all children and interventions to support individuals.

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