Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

Home Learning

We hope that this letter finds you safe and well.  As ever, your family’s health and happiness, remain our main priority.

We hope that the children have been able to engage in some of the home learning opportunities we have provided so far, through the folder of paper-based work and list of suggested websites we issued at the time of the closure, and / or through access to Glow and Google Classroom.

However, please be aware that we feel strongly that no child, parent, carer or teacher, should be feeling additional stress at this time as a result of learning at home.  This is not ‘home-schooling’ in the formal sense and you should not feel pressured into thinking that you have to recreate a school day.  It is essential that your home remains a safe, calming space for your family, particularly in worrying times such as these.

We are also coming now to the two week Spring Holiday period. Unfortunately, we understand that any Easter Holiday plans will now not be going ahead but we do strongly recommend a two week break from school work.  There will be no activities shared on the Google Classroom during this time and feedback will not be provided on anything submitted until a later date. 

Following the two week holiday period, we will continue to look for ways of sharing learning opportunities in ways that stimulate children’s interest in learning rather than adding pressure to daily life.

Google Classroom, within Glow, is an excellent way of sharing learning, interacting and collaborating. You should now have had your child’s username and password for accessing Glow and Google Classroom delivered.  If you are yet to receive this or are still having trouble logging on, please contact emma.cairns@argyll-bute.gov.uk .

Teachers have been beginning to upload tasks and activities to their Google Classrooms for your child to access. How you use these tasks is entirely up to you and your child.  We are setting no due dates for work to be completed and will not be putting pressure on children to complete tasks. 

This is also an opportunity for teaching life skills such as cooking, cleaning, wood work, repairs and sewing, and these kinds of activities are of as much value as more traditional ‘school work’.  We recommend taking opportunities for getting outside, crafting together and playing games and jigsaws. If you wish to, please share these opportunities with us in our Virtual Classrooms.

After this break, the children can continue to work on their paper pack from school and try to access the Google Classroom regularly to keep updated, for inspiration and to share what you have been doing at home.  We are also planning to populate the school website with links to further websites that may be useful.

Your approach to learning at home has to best suited to both you and your child/children. Should you have any further questions or concerns at this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Mrs Cairns.

Kind Regards

Richard Long                                                  Emma Cairns

Head Teacher                                                 Depute Head Teacher