Pre 5

Pre 5 Sports Day

The Pre 5 unit held their annual sports day on Thursday 20th June.  Everyone had a fantastic time with everyone trying their very best.We were able to do some of the races outside before the rain came!Our Primary 6 and 7's helped organise and run the event.  Pictures are in our gallery. 

Pre 5s - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is fast approaching which is Friday the 16th February 2018 and this year it is the Year of the Dog, an animal which symbolises luck.

Today the Pre5 children enjoyed a lovely chicken stir fry prepared by the children served with prawn crackers.  All the children were keen to try the stir fry, some even having more helpings!

The children have also been learning how Chinese New Year is celebrated, learning to say 'Kung Hey Fat Choy' - Happy New Year in Chinese, copying Chinese writing and making lucky red money envelopes.

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