P 1-3 Castles Homework

Our P1 – 3 have been busy studying castles, we are very lucky at there are some amazing castles throughout Argyll to study and we are hoping to visit one in the near future.One of the oldest castles in Scotland is in Argyll, Castle Sween which was built around 1200AD. The children were given a homework task involving castles, they had a range of options to choose from. Some of the children choose to build a castle demonstrating all the features that they have been learning about in school, turrets, ramparts, windows, drawbridges etc. Others used the school holidays to visit a castle and pre

Under the Sea P1 -3 Homework

Reported by Joey and Molly:-P1 - 3 are currently studying under the sea as a topic.  They had a choice of  three homework activities,  to make a 3D model, a picture of under the sea or a fact file on an animal that lives under the sea.  We have taken pictures for everyone to see how fabulous their homework turned out, which you can view within our gallery. 

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