Easter Eggstravaganza

We had a wonderful Easter Service today.  The school was joined by the Rev McIvor who led us in an Easter Service and prayer.  We were treated to an assembly by the children who spoke about the school values and how they were incorporated into the school committees. The children then performed a song which they had written themselves discussing the School Values. The Rev McIvor had the impossible task of choosing winners from our fabulous Easter Egg Competition!  The entries were as always amazing, so much work goes into them.  The children then headed out with parents / carers to roll thei

Communications Committee

Our Communications Committee have caught the attention of the Argyll and Bute’s Communication team, who came to visit us today to find out what the children think makes Argyll and Bute a Great Place to be.The children had lots to say about why they love living in Argyll and Bute including the wonderful award winning beaches, world class golf courses, amazing wildlife, world class food.The team will be putting together a short video and will use our suggestions to help promote Argyll and Bute.  #abplace2b

New Sports Equipment

We have been very fortunate that the Parent Council have paid for some new sports equipment for the school.  The children from our Sports Committee choose the items they thought the school would benefit most from and we put forward the proposal to the Parent Council.  

The items include , Hoop Catch,  Throwing ball and cups,  Hook and loop glove set (6)  To and fro Ball (4), bullseye throwing targets, French skipping (10), New footballs (12) and fabulous new outdoor goals.   The children have enjoyed trying out their new equipment.  Many thanks to the Parent Council. 

Communication Committee

Drumlemble school have set up a number of committes to look at different aspects of school life. Today we will look at the Communiaiton Committee consisting of Mrs. McArthur, Joey, Katie, Mirrin, Kaitlyn, Molly, Ollie and Harris.The first meeting took place on Friday 21st September, where we discussed the purpose of our committe which is:  To update the websiteTo write the text for the schools activities To put articles together for the Courier. To write a newsletterTo keep Mr. Long informed. The first item the children wish to report is the Weather!!!

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