Fire Works night - Pre 5s artwork

The Pre 5s spent time creating their own fireworks displays. 

The children also learned about fire safety, below is a poem to help celebrate Bonfire night.


Ahh! As the colours light up the sky
But birds beware as rockets fly by
C is the child watching wide-eyed
D is the dog locked up inside.
E sees that everyone has a good time
for Guy Fawkes, cut down in his prime
G is the grass that gets burnt by the fire
Hats, scarves and gloves; warm winter attire.
I see the dangers and keep standing back
As J reminds me of the ‘Jumping Jack’
K for the knocks on all the hosts’ doors
L for the laughter and long, loud guffaws.
Money is spent; an outstanding amount
N sees large numbers of burns to count
Ordinary peoples’ lives left in pain
P for the people who wisely refrain.
The Quick, quiet spin of the catherine wheel
Rains sparkling dust and romantic appeal
S is for sparklers held safe at a distance
T is for tantruming toddlers’ persistence
U understands, with a Mum’s gentle hold
V is the viciousness of winter’s cold
Warmth from the welcoming flames of the fire
Xcitement is building as they rise up higher
Y has the young children sent off to bed
The zzzzzzs are the dreamz of the sweet sleepyhead.