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Burns Poetry Event 23rd January

The children would like to invite parents and carers to join them for an afternoon of entertainment on Thursday 23rd January to celebrate Burns day. The children will recite their own poems (P3 – 7) and perform a Scottish song (P1-3).  There will be some Scottish dancing and some refreshments.  The event will start at 1:30pm and the children may wear an item of tartan if they wish.

NSPCC Wear Your Sparkle Day

The Children raised an amazing £50 for the NSPCC's Wear Your Sparkle day.  The children wore either a Christmas jumper or something sparkly and enjoyed sparkling activities throughout the day, making sparkle biscuits and sparkly cards.  Pictures of the activities can be found within our gallery.  

Christmas Concert

The children (and teachers) made a sterling effort at the Christmas Concert.  Friends and family were treated to great show consisting of Running orderP4-7                Merry Christmas To You Chanter  recital        Choir             Hibernation Pre 5              4 Mince Pies                       He Has A Red Red Coat                       We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Makaton)Violin recital          P1 – 3            Prickly Hay           

Den Building with Carradale

 The P4 - 7 children took part in some outdoor den building activities with children from Carradale. Den building offers a range of advantages to children of all ages, from physical development to problem solving skills. Children are able to build on their learning by thinking creatively and putting their ideas into reality. Creating dens gives children the opportunity to think outside of the box and problem solve in order to create a structure. Children also develop communication and language skills as they work as a team to create their den.


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