Samba Drumming Workshop


Primary 4 - 7 will be partaking in six Samba drumming workshops commencing on Friday 19th January.

The Samba Drumming Workshop sessions are based around energetic and traditional rhythms from the Latin American culture.

Samba drumming is particularly famous in Brazil and is played at many of their famous carnival festivals, which are attended by thousands of people.

Creating a traditional samba rhythm involves playing several different instruments and your children will get the chance to try their hand at these in order to create this unique sound.

We would hope that by the end of the six sessions the children are able to perform a short performance to peers, staff and perhaps parents if feasible.

Workshop Key Skills

  • Diversity

  • Harmony

  • Motivational

  • Team Building

  • Interactive

    Drumlemble Samba Workshops

    P4 – 7


    Friday 19th January                  1:15pm

    Friday 2nd February                 1:15pm

    Friday 23rd February               1:15pm

    Friday 9th March                     1:15pm

    Friday 16th March                   1:15pm

    Friday 23rd March                   1:15pm