Pets from Drumlemble Primary School

 17th May 2020


Dear Pupils (and Parents and Carers),


I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I also hope you are finding lots of different things to do while the schools are closed, including some learning in Google Classroom or with your family! I have seen lots of good work online.

I have been getting used to spending more time at home. My wife has been getting used to me spending more time at home. I think she is looking forward to the schools re-opening!!

I thought it would be a good idea for me to share something about what is keeping us busy at home. (That’s apart from all of the school work that I have to do). Then you could perhaps do the same. The clue is in the pictures…

Rudi is our dog. He is 14 months old. He is really friendly and has lots of energy. We have to spend a lot of time training him. He is learning to do lots of new things, especially things that we haven’t asked him to do. The latest skill that he has learned is to pull up newly planted plants. He found that if he pulls them really hard, they come out however well the humans think they have dug them in. We are going to try to teach him to leave the gardening to us. Not long ago he looked a little smaller. He has changed quite a bit since then!

If you want to, and your parents are happy for you to, you and your parents can send a picture of your pet, if you have one, or a wild animal that you have seen near your home, by email to  It could be a photograph or a picture that you have drawn. You can add some words to describe what they have been getting up to. We might put some pictures and photos on our school website, or display them in the school when we re-open. I thought of calling the collection ‘Pets at Home’, but I think that has been used before! So, if you have an idea for a title of gallery of pictures of pets, please send in your idea.

I will think of other ideas for everyone in school to share while the schools are closed. In the meantime, keep safe and well, and enjoy the extra time you are spending with your family.


Kind Regards

Mr Long