Mr.Long Update for Parents / Carers 12th June 2020

I hope you and your families are well.


We are approaching the last two weeks of the school year. I know that for everyone this has been a challenging time. I would really like to thank all parents, carers, children and staff for the ways in which home learning has taken place so positively, whether it has been through the use of paper-based learning, digital learning or practical, life skills, or a mixture of all three. I can reassure you that every instance of learning, life experience and support that you have provided will have benefited your child now and for their future.


For the next two weeks, there will be a reduction in the amount of tasks posted by teachers on Google Classroom and a reduction in the amount of feedback the teachers will be able to give. 


At the same time there will be a higher focus on the area of health and wellbeing. This will help us all to manage the expectations on the children at this time, after a long period of home learning, and lead us into the Summer Holiday period. It will also enable teachers, and support staff, to do the other main task that they will have to do over the next two weeks, which is to prepare the school for August, after the abrupt closure in March. We are currently planning ways of rounding off the year positively for all children, and will be in touch with different year groups, perhaps in slightly different ways.


We are currently very busy working on arrangements for August. We have two absolute priorities in all of our planning for the new school year: the safety of the children and the whole school community, and the health and wellbeing of all.


Our aims are always to ensure that the children feel safe, healthy and happy and ready to learn. I consider these to be most important aspects of school life, but they are even more obvious now in their meaning.


The Education Team have issued a letter by email to update all parents. As a school, we will be communicating with you over the next two weeks, about end of year matters and arrangements for next year. There are many matters being considered, including the blended model of learning that we will be offering, involving the mixture of in-school and home learning. Please bear with us as we communicate and make arrangements, as we are having to manage a new, and sometimes changing, situation.


We will be holding Parent Council meetings next week and will ensure we are maintaining an ongoing dialogue with all parents. I will be very open to answering questions, and discussing or following up any concerns, over the next two weeks and through the Summer Holiday. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Kind Regards


Richard Long