A Message from Mr. Long

We are all clearly facing a very difficult and quickly developing challenge at this time. On behalf of all of the staff, I would like to offer our best wishes to all families, and I hope you all keep well over the coming weeks.​We will wait to see if we do return at any point during the remaining part of the school year. In the meantime, we will ensure that we keep you as informed as we can about any developments that affect children and parents in terms of the service that the school is providing.​I will set out an update of what we know is happening at the moment. The information I provide will always be based on the information that is communicated to the school by the Argyll and Bute Central Education Team. Understandably, all information is subject to change at the moment as the advice from central government adapts to the evolving circumstances.​Contacts and Communication

  • Our Messenger system will be our primary means of communication initially.
  • School staff have been advised to work from home, except when working in relation to School Hub matters at Castlehill, so the school phone number will not be manned from Monday 23.3.20.

School HubsThere are 10 schools in Argyll and Bute towns designated as School Hubs. Castlehill is the School Hub for the Campbeltown area. ​Free School Meal ProvisionA Free School Meal pick-up provision has been set up. The Castlehill kitchen will be open every weekday between 12 and 12.30 pm for the collection of meals by pupils entitled to FSM in our local area. Staff from local schools will be working on a rota basis to provide the meals and to provide supervision and support at the collection point.​Keyworkers' ChildrenA learning and childcare provision for children of keyworkers is being set up, with Argyll and Bute aiming to have the provision in place by Thursday 26.3.20. The Education Team issued an initial message to all parents about this on Friday 20.3.20. We will await further information and pass it on to parents as we receive it. The service is likely to be provided at the School Hub, but arrangements are still being finalised.​Vulnerable ChildrenAs any additional arrangements are put in place for vulnerable children, we will advise you. It will be important that where any parent has concerns, they should contact the school or myself.Home LearningThe staff worked very hard to ensure that we provided a Home Learning Pack for children to work on in the initial period of the closure. Please support your child in their work as best suits both you and them over the school closure period. The idea will be to provide some continuity in learning, without placing stress on any individual. ​We have provided some websites to explore. Please bear in mind that different websites may suit different age groups better.​In the coming weeks, we will explore how to provide more digital learning opportunities and will issue information on how to access resources. Please bear with us as we move forward in this respect.​Richard LongHead Teacher