Google Classroom Information - 29/4/2020

Hi everyone,
I hope that this email finds you all safe and well and that you have been able to enjoy some of the lovely weather.
We have been looking a little more at our Google Classrooms this week and we are so pleased to see that lots of families are engaging with the activities that have been set by class teachers.  You may notice that these are being set in the 'Classwork' tab and are titled as assignments.  Can we please ask that when you are sharing your child/children's work, you 'hand it in' in this area.  This can be done by attaching a photograph of your child's written or practical work, or attaching a document saved on your computer.
'Handing in assignments' in this way ensures that only your child's teacher is able to look through their work and provide comments and feedback.  The private comment feature makes it easy for learners to ask their teachers questions and to share how they have found activities, without others in the class being able to see this.
The aim of the 'Stream' is for more general interactions and sharing of exciting things happening at home, such as cooking dinner, playing musical instruments or making the most of daily exercise.
We hope that this all makes sense and if you have any questions at all in regards to this, or any others matters, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Kind regards,
Mrs Cairns


Emma Cairns
Depute Head Teacher
Carradale, Castlehill and Drumlemble Primary Schools
Carradale:        01583 431244  (Wednesday and Friday)
Castlehill:         01586 553446  (Monday PM and Tuesday)
Drumlemble:    01586 810240 (Monday AM and Thursday)
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