24/6/2020 Update Re:- Reopening of School - August 2020 – Drumlemble Primary School


24th June 2020


Dear Parent / Carer


Reopening of School - August 2020 – Drumlemble Primary School


The picture is changing for the reopening of schools. There are now two possible scenarios for the return in August. I do not want to confuse you, but am giving you this information primarily in case the blended model arrangements are still needed, as we are now coming close to the end of term. I will confirm the arrangements that will be in place, as soon as it is made clear to schools how we will be returning. Our priorities, in either case, will be the safety, health and wellbeing of the whole school community. We will aim at all times to ensure the children feel safe, positive and confident in the school environment.

Full School Return – all pupils returning

The Deputy First Minister announced on Tuesday 23rd June, that a full return to school in August is possible if certain conditions are met in the management of the coronavirus in Scotland. If there are specific arrangements relating to the health and safety requirements for the coronavirus, I will let you know those as soon as the guidance has been provided to schools. I am anticipating that the first school day for pupils in this scenario will be Wednesday 12th August.

Blended Model Arrangements – if required

If the conditions are not met, the blended model is the contingency plan. I am setting out below key information about our specific arrangements relating to the blended model, should the model be needed.

I realise that I am providing you with a lot of serious information for this scenario, but rest assured that we, as a whole staff, are very much looking forward to welcoming the children back to school to re-start their happy experience of school life, whether in a full return or in a blended model.

A full risk assessment has been completed for the reopening. Key considerations throughout the working day will be 2m social distancing, regular hygiene and cleaning procedures, and the organisation of the timetable and movement around the school to prevent the joining together of large groups.

We are following local authority and national guidance. If we receive guidance that alters our procedures, we will amend our arrangements appropriately and advise you of significant changes. I have indicated in the table below certain aspects that I am aware do need further confirmation. I will issue an updated version of this table prior to the return to school.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please bear in mind that we are now working with the possibility that schools will either be returning in full or as the blended model.

Kind regards

Richard Long

Richard Long

Head Teacher



Blended Model Arrangements – if required

Return dates


Tuesday 11th August


First day of the school session – In-service Day for Staff – School closed for pupils.

Wednesday 12th August

First day of blended model – Groups 1 and 2 Home Learning

Thursday 13th and Friday 14th August

Group 1 Home Learning

Group 2 In school

From Monday 17th August



Group 1

Group 2

Monday and Tuesday

In school

Home Learning


Home Learning

Home Learning

Thursday and Friday

Home Learning

In school

School Day Times

The school day will remain the same from 8.55 am to 2.55 pm.

We are not planning to stagger the starts or ends of day.

Model of Learning

Our approach to learning and teaching will be as follows:

  • For in-school days, our plan is to focus on Language, Maths and Health and Wellbeing.
  • For home learning days, our plan is to provide some reinforcement tasks (usually paper-based) for Language and Maths. We are also planning to focus tasks on other areas of the curriculum and inter-disciplinary learning. We will continue to use Google Classroom but will also aim to provide paper task lists, where appropriate to help all children access activities.

This approach will be subject to some adaptation by each class to suit the age and learning needs of the class.


Through our School Improvement Plan for 20/21, we will be developing our curriculum in terms of the key areas that are priorities at this time:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Digital Literacy

Keyworker Childcare

The Education Team will be contacting all parents when guidance on Keyworker Childcare from August has been confirmed by the Scottish Government.


We are awaiting further guidance to confirm whether uniform will be required. The current advice is to recommend that clean clothes should be worn every day, with uniform to be worn if possible.

Further details will be provided.


Our plan is for children to be able to bring into school their coat, school bag, water bottle and packed lunch (if appropriate) to keep at their individual station in the classroom.

Start and End of the Day

We will supervise the children arriving and leaving the school building and site.

We will establish the routine that cars drive in a one-way route around the car park for dropping off and collecting children. Each car in turn will drop off / collect their child at the designated points: for Pre5 pupils, the designated point will be the outdoor learning area gate; for school pupils it will be the main entrance.


The Transport department are working hard on the arrangements for safe travel by bus and school transport for children. Social distancing requirements have to be taken into account in putting any arrangements in place.

Further details will be provided.

Parents / Visitors

Parents and visitors should not enter the school building, except in exceptional circumstances. Please telephone or email the school, if you need to contact the school.

Classroom Time

Class Group sizes have been determined by classroom capacities.

Children will be encouraged to maintain social distancing.

The classrooms are arranged to provide each child with an individual station in the classroom where they can work and use their own individual equipment. We will provide individual stationery and equipment for each child.

We will later confirm if children can bring personal items, such as pencil cases, into school.

Movement around the Building

Routes and stopping points in the school will be clearly marked with signage and carpet tape to manage social distancing.

Morning and Afternoon

Break Times

We will be staggering the break times so less children are in the playground at any one time. Equipment will not be shared.

We will also confirm with you if children will be allowed to bring in a toy or piece of equipment for their own use that they can keep with them.

If the weather is wet, indoor breaks will be supervised in the children’s classrooms.

Lunch Times

We will also be staggering lunchtimes to enable less children to be in the playground at any one time. We are currently planning for children to have their lunches in their classrooms and for school lunches to be delivered to them. Packed lunches will be allowed.

We are confirming details about the menu and any options with the Catering Team, and will let you know when the details have been confirmed.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Regular handwashing breaks will be provided for all classes. Hand sanitiser stations will be provided in classes and at appropriate entrances and exits.

A new cleaning schedule has been put in place across the school week in response to the coronavirus.


Regular toilet breaks will be planned into the day for each class. One child at a time will be allowed in the toilets.

Covid-19 Symptoms

We will provide a full protocol to advise you how we will deal with suspected cases of Covid-19. The key immediate actions will be to move any child that does show symptoms to a designated waiting room and to contact parents immediately for them to collect their child.

Health and Wellbeing

We would like to maintain good communication with parents about their child’s health at all times during the year. Please keep us up to date regarding your child’s health.