Kintyre Music Festival P1 -3 Action Song

The children had a great morning performing their action song at the Music Festival.  The words were written by our children with the help from the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. The children received high praise from the judges saying“ I loved your head gear!  You obviously like to sing and this comes over to the audience.   I loved your jazzy little actions.A lovely performance, Well done.”

Kintyre Music Festival 2019

Drumlemble Choir The Choir performed very well today at the Kintyre Music Festival.They were awarded a score of 85% with comments of “This was a lovely performance” and  “You really look as if you are enjoying yourselves”The choir will now perform at the Cup Winners Concert on Saturday night.   This takes place at the Lorne and Lowland Church starting at 7:30pm. 

Baldy Cup

Although our Rural team did not win a trophy last night at the Baldy Cup, we were extremely proud of how they behaved showing great sportsmanship to their fellow competitors.   

Generation Science Show

The children were treated to a morning with Generation Science looking at:-  Robo Constructors Hands-on robot building  Welcome to the world of Cubelets – the expandable modular robotics system. In this fun, fast-moving workshop, pupils will become mini-robot engineers, exploring open ended challenges to create their own novel, wacky and useful robots! The simple and intuitive Cubelet system allows participants to concentrate on learning about the rules of robotics and logic, without having to worry about challenging builds or programming.Learning Outcomes:

Sports Day

The children had a great sports day on Friday 10th May, despite the terrible weather forecast, the day turned out to be lovely.  You can see a few pictures within our gallery.  Relay winner:-  DRUMLEMBLE!!!!

Scholastic Book Fair

Our book fair comes to an end today, Tueaday 7th May.  I am pleased to advise we made a total of £300, which means the school is able to choose £300 worth of books for free. What a wonderful opportunity you helped provide for our school,  these books enhance our library and reading stock with some seriously brilliant books that are both relevant and entertaining for the children.

Pre 5 - Farmyard Topic

The Pre5 children have been learning all about farmyards and the animals, including how to look after animals, feeding, cleaning, bedding etc.Unfortunately it was stretching our resources slightly to bring a cow into school although we did manage to bring in some more realistic sized animals:- Guinea pigs.The children were able to interact with the guinea pigs, see them eating, how they lived and learned how to look after them.Some of the benefits of bringing an animal into school are:-Observing and caring for an animal instils a sense of responsibility and respect for life.An animal brings

Rotary Club Quiz

We had four pupils taking part in the Rotary Club quiz at Dalintober primary today.   They did amazingly well coming THIRD !!!  They were competing mostly against P7's so we are very proud of them, the put a lot of hard work into learning some general knowledge in preparation for the quiz. 



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