Jack and his Beanstalk

P1,2 and 3 had a special delivery of magic beans straight from Jack so that they could grow him a new beanstalk. They had fun planting their beans and can’t wait to see what happens next.

We received the magic beans from a Hanson Box which delivered free books and resources to the school.


The Victorians Wall Display

Primary 4-7 have now completed their Victorians topic.

Their wall display will soon be coming down so this is a chance to see it before then.

The children enjoyed exploring Victorian life through the eyes of Jacqueline Wilson’s fictional character Hetty Feather and comparing life for children in the past with their own lives.

Charles Darwin

After their virtual visit with Zoolab, the P7,6,5 and 4 children worked in groups to create information sheets about the animals they met.

They listened to a soundscape of HMS Beagle’s voyage and painted what they think Charles Darwin might have seen when he looked out over his ship’s railings.


The children enjoyed a fun ‘Colourwe’en’ day in place of the traditional Hallowe’en celebration.   


We were dazzled by their bright clothes and even some amazing coloured hair! 


The P1-3 children made bats and spooky houses while the P4-7 children were challenged to build a Bridge of Bones in their STEM activity. They wrote some scary stories using pictures as prompts. 



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